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Currently querying talent for the realized network-(realize-network.blog) a natural language meta modular internet topology unifying complex human problems, network topology with natural systems processes, thus reducing entropy and making our world more live-able, reducing stress on existing infrastructure, reducing environmental waste and consumption, and making you happier in lots of ways, establishing real adult friends outside of work, in your community, developing a passion or taking a course on mytribes.net, or some other such aspect- In many ways this is a giantic social club, with the only rule being that you follow the golden rule, and that you are not attempting to do something patently illegal. the good news is, if you are a person that thinks too much, most things that are patently illegal harm someone in the process, or harm their efforts (like say they invested a lot of time developing a software or a music album and you used 2 songs off of it in your song but didnt credit them and made it big. well what if people only liked your song because of their art? you owe them money or something, its not following the laws of the universe otherwise, for you to benefit from their effort without giving to them. this is common sense.


so, the realized network has new functional systems designed that will allow new modalities of sharing amongst and between content creators, and the web in general- and anyone who wants to use those contents on their own page. it will make it easy.

we are developing our own series of liscenses and giving them to the web as a gift- for the future, for the reduction of entropy by unifying the common core tenents of internet architecture, OSI, and other web standards, as well as the laws of physics, electronics, the universe, mathematics, and the other applicable categories of discipline -

we are putting it all together with what parts are useful from where, and making new things that enable people to without fail execute new forms of agreements between one another, and additionally, this project is being designed to inter-operate and compliment areas in the commerce based economic extant infrastructure and global systems.. without posing any threat of lost revenue, or any other such thing. It is designed to work with it, not against it. This is critically important to hi-light as an element that will remain true through the entire project- as a founding ideological cornerstone of the project itself.

data integrity.

more to come, there is a lot to this simple concept, that must change to make it work.

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