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Ro My well i will keep it short because for one its easiest and im disciplining myself to practice concise writing, so- there are several projects, but they all fit into the biggest one.

the themes focus around the self actualization of the human animal creature whatever we are to you, learning how to overcome obstacles, turn adversity into first peace, then curiosity- greater learning with structure- real learning- how to think- eventually how to tweak your own mental knobs safely too. among a lot of other stuff.

but – it all starts with two central locations and two central themes. the central location where there is literally no way in hell you will ever be in the dark about anything i am working on, is join (this is my social network that i have spent the last 20 years thinking about, and the last two years messing with software and computers to present to you humbly this and the rest of the world, but people need to know it is there, and to adopt it, and it goes deep into changing habits so i am not focused on forcing horses, it doesnt work and isnt my style.)

so thats a cool thing, you may really enjoy. its not focused on speed of delivering ads to you here. thats why the psychology of this place is designed the way the algorithm is. re facebook. it ramps you up higher and igher till you burn out and its all to show you ads or keep u here longer looking so you see more ads.

[if you want to pause here, i dont use algorithms at my site, and the rest of whats below, and actually what is above too- is all here: if you want to book mark it. or share it with others. use the direct link above, its easiest. its way freaking easier to read things over there than on facebook anyway.

or just point them to //

if you stop reading here, find the link above and just carry on if you wish!  

my site does not use an algorithm on purpose, because i believe that the actual core essence of a community- online or offline- is the contribution of its members. the energy and life blood of the site is this. and i want in no way to form a boundary, barrrier or impediment to anyones utility or use of the site to form new relatoinships with other human beings, to feel safe and protected and respected! doing so, and to have a good time. i have built a lot of reallly interesting features into it, and it really does a LOT. so in that respect,

no post is filtered. everything shows. there are also no ads running from big companies, and i am not collecting anything on the behind the scenes technical end, of anyones info at all . like zero. none. zilch. nada. LOL. i dont care. its not my business. my business is what i need to learn to get people feeling safe enough to grow together as humans and support eachother. to become friends , but without forcing a single thing. and it is truly a fascinating experience. super humbling in so many ways.

but besides that, i am trying to fix the whole AI thing. by making a gigantic network (i have over 200 websites so far i have in the network), yes different .com what-evers , and they all have really simple names. of what they do. like easy . the name is the thing. but its got a fun neumonic on it. and you can remember it if you give two rabbit feet about what it is, or dont clear your browser history obsessively and smoke too much grass. although ironically i smoke and can remember everything LOL

this network above is called “the realized network.” it is for all human beings to freely participate in at any level of life involvement.

there are three qualifications for membership. 1 pledge to be a good human- obey the golden rule. 2 dont do anything patently ilegal 3 look for people you can help in the network with things you already know how to do. do not force your help on people , or excessively offer it- or solicit it- but do help freely without it harming any aspect of your time or life schedule and without expectation of any kind of return for your good deed. the return is being invested directly into the system.

i am designing the entire process of the realized network with quantum mechanics which is just a dumb ass fake science word for “a machine that respects, understands, and only operates on mother natures principles.” like that fuckin baloo song from a jungle book “ive got the baaare necssities, mother natures recipes.. dun dun dun dun dun daah dun dun n dunnnn”   nature and eachother is all we need.

respect and all these human concepts are things nature does automatically. at a certain point we wont have to learn much, and we will live in a beautiful utopia.

one where we get along with the idea of having a govt, and the govt isnt trying to control everyone, (trust me it will work without anyone being pissed) and when i say trust me i mean dont bet on it and get angry if your time expectation is off, i mean it will work, i am giving this 40-50 years of solid work, and tinkering and input on my end and we will see what happens.  

(cross posted to the mytribes project blog – and yeah! the social network is the root core of the tree. its where i am placing the proto nucleus of the concept, and trying to discuss it with people the most, over at mytribes, what te realized network needs, how it looks,etc- i am always open to structured input via video or voice or whatever. its for everyone, so when i ask people things it means i have a hunch they know things.  

and as it stands right now inside of mytribes there is a marketplace, with a stripe payment processor connection thing- so if you have a online store, or want to, you can run one on mytribes, using postings, or i also do web design and if the idea is cool enough i will do it for free, because it is worthy of how much it helps people to get it out the door right away, and then we can work together on using it as a tool to generate awareness for the realized network without being a fucking moron about it like traditional marketing dum dums go. remember we are not trying to make money, so this is never going to look tacky. we are trying to help the world evolve. not to help the world avoid cataclysim. that is far too shallow visioned.

anyway, this was long, but if you dont want to read it, it will probably oh yeah i learned about the 8,000 character limit earlier. so let me just post this entire thing over at

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)