** Build real friendships, real community, go slowly- add value, etc ** Re-wild you relationship with what a social network can be used for, and can be.

Mytribes is one of those social network websites, but it's different. – we are not collecting and selling your data. – we aren't selling any statistics from the website to anyone, and trading it for money and then going to run their ad. – we don't like the traditional concept of the ad. instead, we have a module on the site called “ads” but it's meant for people to utilize as a means to exchange with eachother. later, as I build it- barter will be offered as a choice. right now, there is a credits eco system, and a teacher or merchant can join the site, establish a hut- and then utilize stripe connect to leverage the market place and or ads and or posts and or a tribe, additionally – and or video streaming meetings, or live chat, or any of the other features we provide on site free for members.

Mytribes does things like, you can use it to teach a class, and collect the fee from your students, either for the course materials or your time or both or whatever. Very easily. You get to teach your class in your ** private tribe ** on mytribes.net, and there additionally to your class roster (tribe members), you have a convenient display of the admins, this is where you could appoint a Teachers Assistant as an admin, to grade papers submitted in the tribe- as comments to an assignment post, which can be rendered as a “discussion” and then an essay postured into the prompt- – students submit their answers as a file attachment right there on the post where you put the assignment. the TA , or you can grade or evaluate or whatever it is you are trying to teach and how ever you do it-

-the point is mytribes.net has interesting combinations of things that you can use. You can even host the class live on streaming internet video, from right inside mytribes.net – and include chat for the class, and mute people, and do all of those neat things- but without getting all complicated. Just please if you are trying to do complicated things, render your common sense hat first and find a computer, not a phone or a tablet. No excuses. You don't build an airplane with a bic lighter, you need the right team and bigger tools. You don't teach a class from a phone. End of story. I know you have or you can, but that isn't the best way, I promise- nothing personal, and this is not an attack.

Lets level up together, and come build some awesome stuff, and help people grow together!

Oh yeah, but also, mytribes is a social network featuring one on one chat, or group chat, a videos section, a photos section, posts via onsite and rss syndication, and more! Come upload photos, peek things out, share some thoughts, a profound quote, ask a question (this is the discussions feature) it also has a box for rants and raves, or if you are looking for advice, or a book on something...

Come on by, take off your shoes- and we're all theory wise- outside and mytribes is a village and series of caves and open meadows and field clearings and trees and berry bushes and cool stuff- like take away the concrete jungle- and model mytribes after a community that may have occurred a few thousand years ago in no particular place of marked distinction except having good weather, and stuff of that nature. plenty to eat, and nice scenery.

and no shitty bugs. actually bugs are not shitty- most bugs attack people because they eat shitty things, and the bugs are confused, scared, and tying to get rid of you from the earth- because the chemical signature you are off gassing into the environment clearly, is very confusing.

okay! have a great night. pardon my inner science nerd.