not a derp 1.0 .:.

I am absolutely dedicated to serve in whatever my role becomes, on this planet- in regard to stewarding my aspect collectively of our planetary construction and evolution , propagation, and germination unto full evolutionary actualization of all systems on deck- terra firma.

to the propagation and germination of the evolutionary synthesis back to zero point-

-ie the process of observation, and perhaps some act ions.

-ie- intelligently doing nothing to let systems design flow freely and openly with the least entropy.

weather its across the web, or in the world, i am dedicated to working on this until i am happy with what i am seeing because it's out there. and working.

ive been designing new types of license models and starting active development on the systems and architecture design of a crypto currency exchange, but one that is open source, and one that is going to be very, very different.

It's not designed to compete. It's designed to league, but not align, and not become popular and become sold. it needs to remain under the control of the realized networks – democratically – across voting which will be available to every member – and accessible records, graphs, charts, voting statistics by issue, date, polling month, year- etc. and with a version that uses less printer ink, if someone reminds me to do that. too! models allowing for open effortless validation and attribution of content, new ways to aggregate the rest of the web to fit the harmony dynamics of the new-ecosystem, and many simple and powerful tools

to enable your online time to be one of a marvelous un.wraveling on your path to becoming.

I like my way more, and we can have both at once. So lets build! open source data modeling paradigms systems evolution towards a congruent and harmonious union between man and what he stands on.

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)