new graphic identity today at .:.

we have a new graphical identity package at

“every day is earth day at”

This is our new icon that shows up when you share a post from the site to another site.


Then this is the little home button, that shows up in the upper left of when you are logged in.


Then, we have the every day is earth day center piece as a beautiful gentle reminder of where we live, and share as our home, as a each new person that joins,


it's designed to illustrate the complex, but inter-connected nature of all our land and bodies of water, and the colors represent us, and the lines and irregularities represent our perceptions, opinions, goals, desires, ambitions, and life experience.

the yellow, in the very center- is what i feel i may be able to orchestrate, if i do this just right, along with the team work of untold numbers of people, who will all go down on an astronauts wall when the time comes. i've registered just for this special purpose.

You will be recognized, and possibly remembered. and maybe paid. but probably for a while in coffee. after all, we're not selling this thing- remember? you either identify with it, or you don't. if you do later, the door is always open to join in and serve.

the yellow, is the part we are integrating towards though, that is the unified human and planetary experience. we can do this, and it is a lot simpler than you think, i think, and feel. it will be weird, though. :)

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)