New feature: Invitations:

Hey community !


We've got a new feature to share with you, and it's invitations. This is a good one. Hopefully this makes it a lot easier for you to bring some portion of your network over on in here.

Or at least, people important enough for you to have their email address, or give you theirs when you ask for it.

How easy? You put the emails in a list, separated by commas with a single space between each address, if there are more than one invites going out. Or you can click for a link to paste to people, which will not work in facebook messenger because they attach tracking garbage on top of every link, so sometimes they work sometimes they wont- it all depends, but they are both there, in dashboard under your avatar on mytribes. your avatar is your user photo or profile photo.

Ok so heres the example but you dont even need it, just put a comma between each email address you invite, and one space.,,

:) thats it! have fun.

** and then after your friend accepts the invite and joins mytribes, they automatically will become your friend. **

here we see the spot you find the invitations after having clicked your user picture

Then in this screen shot we can see the invite by email screen, where I've typed some notes for you to read also. Zoom in or Right Click View Image.

Cool Huh?

also, if you want to see the get the link instead of invite by email, that looks exactly like this: I think this is probably more phone and mobile friendly.

Send Invites from Your MyTribes Dashboard- Accessible By clicking your user picture, and then “DashBoard.”

Scroll until you see invites. It will be on the lower left. You can send by email, or get a link to paste and send to everyone. If you send the link via f**b messenger, be aware that f*b will add a very long bunch of tracking garbage to the link, and your friend will probably not be able to sign up- so get them the link by email, or better yet just invite them by email. The email has the link in it.

Each Person Has 75 right now, but if needed, contact me for more and shoot me a number of how many invites you need. :–)

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)