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exactly Renée Hope. social software is a tool, just like regular software. the centrism towards capitolism has skewed humanity's understanding of what computers can do as not extensions of us in a creepy high tech sense, but in a practical every day way- computers can help us work together more efficiently, find new people to become friends with, find a book or article about a health thing, or any number of fascinating uses.

i have studied functional systems and been an observer, my whole life, and meta physician for the last two decades. within the last year alone, i realized what i was working on my whole life, and recently began writing about it.

the project is essentially to do the above: redefine the entire perceptive framework of computing and software/internet and self-station in relationship to not only self-growth and augmentation, but a fruitful technology relationship being realized at every level of human interaction and need.

the only way to make this work is to design it around capitolism, not in competetition with it, and be explicitly clear it is not anti govt, anti extant infrastructure, and so on- but rather designed to assist that- and provide utility in aiding all the humans that slip through the cracks, or otherwise need to improve some area of their lives that is not addressed by any social or cultural wellfare established institution or modicum of normalcy in a particular region or cultural demographic population...

i um, i am writing about this, i have started a fully functional social network to begin to initiate people into the idea that their lives do in fact have value, and in fact they are in control of them, and in fact they can achieve their dreams without struggle- by education, and self empowerment, team work, and cooperation,– through ancient virtues of discipline, respect, etc- this is a whole integral thing, and i can see the whole thing clearly,

i do need other people to help plug me into various things, various people, a certain thing i need coded or explained by somoene who's done it so i can finish my derivative spin off adaptation of the module in the network -etc

i am calling this whole thing the realized network. “the realized network: real eyes, real minds, real emotions, real actions, realized.” or something along those lines.   but the domains have been purchased . if you're interested in joining that would be the easiest way to keep up with the project aside from subscribing by email to I am also sticking things in about 20 different blogs and writing demographically targeted writings the entire duration of the project until i can cross link them with knowledge, and unify that effort a bit, but this is part of the back engineering- the un learning- that cultural genera mashing, the linking together of social demographics that previously percieved eachother as disparate or enemies, etc-

there is a lot going on here.. and i am not stopping. :–)

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)