Hey there, erm- Well howdy. I mean hi; Hello.


mytribes started as a dream 20 years or so ago, probably longer. eventually i joined all the protean social networks, and well this article is going to happen later, – but here we are today to skip a LOT of things.

I realized Oct 6th, Day 280 in year 2020 – that mytribes.net has grown up and matured considerably to the point where it needs its own blog for official announcements. :–)

** So, here we are. **

If you are a member of the site, and you want to subscribe to this, it will only be for official announcements, and it can be done by email at the bottom of this blog, at any time. The blog address is www.mytribes.blog eventually, but for now it is accessible here: https://write.as/mytribes