a brief algorithmic babble bobble bobule double trouble no bubble

looking for new people to discuss things with in earnest, slowly, and enjoyably- without worrying about people trying to be the loudest idiot on the block and actually just like posting something and waiting for someone to respond to it?

well here that would work, because people get to see all your posts in chronological order, without any influence of algorithms from software or pesky human engineers muddling around with the order of your posts or what shows and doesnt.

We just ask that you follow the golden rule, “do unto others as you would wish to be done unto your own self.” and that you don't do anything patently illegal, like try to use the site for selling drugs.

Otherwise, just come have a non advertisement non algorithmic good time and make some friends. Find the “User Directory” and send some friend requests! People are logging in more often now, and the momentum is beginning to get started under-way. :)

Be a part of the early adopters, and pioneers, people who decided you know what? I'm f^%((^&^&! done with this kind of casserole and I am curious enough and better than this-


Thanks Wikipedia. This is Euclid's Theorem, expressed as a computer algorithm- well really just a flow chart, but you could apply code to this. But yes, Euclid as in math, as in the guy who lived in 300BC .. But! you can algorithm anything.


Let's try something else. it only takes 2 minutes to sign up . **How many other things have you doubted yourself on just today and passed up that would have taken two minutes to start? You see my point?

Here is a chance to take and start something that takes less than that, but if you type slow, and don't know where your photo of yourself is, or what your birthday is, it may take you more than 2 minutes, but not by long.

Why is it mandatory to fill out your profile? Well, I am actually going to write a real clear and nice simple article about this soon- but for now we have this loose idea, and I will remove this section from this article when we get there.

[this is your pilot, typing while tired.] i will likely alter this before 12 hours time dramatically, or table it after the next sleep. ]

By the way, people ask occasionally why it is mandatory to fill out a photo, and a birthday, and do this kind of thing, and put a location on the map.

The real reason is , nobody will use a new site- if the profiles are not filled out. Two reasons- you have no emotional attachment of value to the site, it was too easy to join and you dont see what it can do for you. Reason 2- it is weird as hell to use a site where peoples profile photo is a little grey or blue oval. Fuck that. Sorry for swearing, but that would weird anyone out. It's the equivalent of going over to a random house in your neighborhood, at 8pm, hungry, and giving a few gentle knocks expecting dinner and good cheer.

How emotionally, in such a weird world- are you supposed to become friends with an off grey-blue oval?

About that map though, (you can pick anywhere if you're into full anonymity) -

I have fun with it and move my pin around. But the feature exists because a lot of people like and can use it.

Fancy pretending you're in Antarctica? No problem, Dude.

Oh, you are actually IN Antarctica? No problem, Dude. I'm Impressed.

Just drop the pin somewhere, please.
Not because it's evil.

But because detail is a very initial necessity for people to begin to come out of their shells, and to bring their friends to a new community space, and to feel safe.

and because at mytribes, it's there- and it's available- does not mean that location services are evil.

It is just a map, that uses really simple things, to let the internet know where you are.

It already knows this already, the map is not a magician- its just a little code that is pulling this information from your computer already, > who is already offering it to the entire world on demand..

See- computers are really weird.
But don't stop using them as tools.

And the whole concept of privacy online is very weird too, and when you get down to it- nothing is private.

But, mytribes is about as private as you could get without having to mail each of you a weird thing that has numbers flashing in it from RSA..

Therein you have to type the numbers into your laptop before it will even turn on, kind of thing. That was a fun job. You can't get the numbers wrong and just type anything, or use an old number- the number changes.. all the time. It's synced to chips and keys in a few different places... Cool tech really.

That kind of stuff is private. The internet, is not.

Go sign up, and open a new door for yourself tonight/today/this morning/when-you-read-this. www.mytribes.net

By the way in fundamental psychological terms, the reason people turned into what appeared to be megalomaniacs on facebook, and make so much noise, is the algorithm pushes them down, and they notice. There is no “outside” the class room though, so the students just cause melee. But in this case, it is fully in appropriate to get people addicted to using a website that selectively controls who can or cannot see their post, and NOT EVEN at a regular interval of predictability. Sometimes F* shows my posts, sometimes it really does not.

Or also typically you see this in “high voltage” low value brands, that are primarily just selling you an idea, and a person attempting to make markup over volume. Not creative. But entirely too common, and entirely UN-sensational.

But this behavior stems at the root from : – not feeling heard or seen, or having the ability to articulate it. – the resentment towards ones involvement in a website once they realize it is hiding their shares from people, and they continue to use it.

But, over at mytribes.net it is all chronological, there is NO ALGORITHM mucking around with your page, or anyone elses.

We are not interested in doing anything other than showing you what you “follow” and who you “add” as a friend and what they post. You can follow people that don't friend you, but as a default way to think about it- if someone is interesting, and you don't know them- FOLLOW THEM. Write a comment that is thoughtful the first time you have time to sit down and respond thoughtfully, as if you had been discussing this very topic with them at a cafe, and you already knew them. Write your response, read it back to yourself, edit any errors, and then push send. You will be shocked at the quality of engagement and discussion that follows if you have never done this.

and the good news is, on mytribes.net, you will actually see the notification – because a computer will not decide that having you see that post, and the response, interferes with you seeing a certain advertisement at a certain time, or some weird security check,.

By the way, I was just buying a domain for a photography website for myself and I have to tell you something- Facebook advertises me this camera! Well, okay that is not ground breaking, but this won't happen on mytribes.net

On mytribes.net when you send a friend request, and they add you back- you are automatically following both of each-other. If you want to remain friends but not get blasted, then un-follow them, or just scroll a little faster, or be honest with yourself and see if perhaps there is value for you in that relationship – then don't avoid that person, just let the whole thing sit- you don't need to act- and odds are you like the person right? They just talk a bit much? Or its not your interest but you respect them otherwise? There are so many creative and simple ways to deal with the flow of information, a lot more than “block, ban, unfriend friend, etc” Okay I'm done, thats it for this am.

Oh and the timeline now scrolls indefinitely if you keep scrolling at the bottom on the main page. And it always goes in chronological order, newest to oldest.

Also, sometimes the internet has problems that people blame on websites, or on AI, but it is usually just the internet, and give it some time, try it again, or hit the reload button. If you had any idea how complicated the internet was, you'd probably gasp in shock every time you touched it hoping not to break it, but ... This is why it's so complicated- the sense of caution you have is a symptom you have awareness of its power as a possible tool.

Just... enjoy what you do today okay? I have to go do some other things now. :)

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)