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we have a new graphical identity package at

“every day is earth day at”

This is our new icon that shows up when you share a post from the site to another site.


Then this is the little home button, that shows up in the upper left of when you are logged in.


Then, we have the every day is earth day center piece as a beautiful gentle reminder of where we live, and share as our home, as a each new person that joins,


it's designed to illustrate the complex, but inter-connected nature of all our land and bodies of water, and the colors represent us, and the lines and irregularities represent our perceptions, opinions, goals, desires, ambitions, and life experience.

the yellow, in the very center- is what i feel i may be able to orchestrate, if i do this just right, along with the team work of untold numbers of people, who will all go down on an astronauts wall when the time comes. i've registered just for this special purpose.

You will be recognized, and possibly remembered. and maybe paid. but probably for a while in coffee. after all, we're not selling this thing- remember? you either identify with it, or you don't. if you do later, the door is always open to join in and serve.

the yellow, is the part we are integrating towards though, that is the unified human and planetary experience. we can do this, and it is a lot simpler than you think, i think, and feel. it will be weird, though. :)

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

I am absolutely dedicated to serve in whatever my role becomes, on this planet- in regard to stewarding my aspect collectively of our planetary construction and evolution , propagation, and germination unto full evolutionary actualization of all systems on deck- terra firma.

to the propagation and germination of the evolutionary synthesis back to zero point-

-ie the process of observation, and perhaps some act ions.

-ie- intelligently doing nothing to let systems design flow freely and openly with the least entropy.

weather its across the web, or in the world, i am dedicated to working on this until i am happy with what i am seeing because it's out there. and working.

ive been designing new types of license models and starting active development on the systems and architecture design of a crypto currency exchange, but one that is open source, and one that is going to be very, very different.

It's not designed to compete. It's designed to league, but not align, and not become popular and become sold. it needs to remain under the control of the realized networks – democratically – across voting which will be available to every member – and accessible records, graphs, charts, voting statistics by issue, date, polling month, year- etc. and with a version that uses less printer ink, if someone reminds me to do that. too! models allowing for open effortless validation and attribution of content, new ways to aggregate the rest of the web to fit the harmony dynamics of the new-ecosystem, and many simple and powerful tools

to enable your online time to be one of a marvelous un.wraveling on your path to becoming.

I like my way more, and we can have both at once. So lets build! open source data modeling paradigms systems evolution towards a congruent and harmonious union between man and what he stands on.

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

some things i know, some things i learn as i go. with the flow.

that's just how it's gotta be.

you never stop becoming . no matter what. try to act like it, might be fun! :–)

“umbrella drop no. 11” – by Megan Kelly, A Dynamic-Professional-Photographer.

investigate and learn about this uber talented artist, responsible for [“umbrella drop no. 11”] ~ Megan Kelly, A Dynamic-Professional-Photographer, by visiting

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

Ro My well i will keep it short because for one its easiest and im disciplining myself to practice concise writing, so- there are several projects, but they all fit into the biggest one.

the themes focus around the self actualization of the human animal creature whatever we are to you, learning how to overcome obstacles, turn adversity into first peace, then curiosity- greater learning with structure- real learning- how to think- eventually how to tweak your own mental knobs safely too. among a lot of other stuff.

but – it all starts with two central locations and two central themes. the central location where there is literally no way in hell you will ever be in the dark about anything i am working on, is join (this is my social network that i have spent the last 20 years thinking about, and the last two years messing with software and computers to present to you humbly this and the rest of the world, but people need to know it is there, and to adopt it, and it goes deep into changing habits so i am not focused on forcing horses, it doesnt work and isnt my style.)

so thats a cool thing, you may really enjoy. its not focused on speed of delivering ads to you here. thats why the psychology of this place is designed the way the algorithm is. re facebook. it ramps you up higher and igher till you burn out and its all to show you ads or keep u here longer looking so you see more ads.

[if you want to pause here, i dont use algorithms at my site, and the rest of whats below, and actually what is above too- is all here: if you want to book mark it. or share it with others. use the direct link above, its easiest. its way freaking easier to read things over there than on facebook anyway.

or just point them to //

if you stop reading here, find the link above and just carry on if you wish!  

my site does not use an algorithm on purpose, because i believe that the actual core essence of a community- online or offline- is the contribution of its members. the energy and life blood of the site is this. and i want in no way to form a boundary, barrrier or impediment to anyones utility or use of the site to form new relatoinships with other human beings, to feel safe and protected and respected! doing so, and to have a good time. i have built a lot of reallly interesting features into it, and it really does a LOT. so in that respect,

no post is filtered. everything shows. there are also no ads running from big companies, and i am not collecting anything on the behind the scenes technical end, of anyones info at all . like zero. none. zilch. nada. LOL. i dont care. its not my business. my business is what i need to learn to get people feeling safe enough to grow together as humans and support eachother. to become friends , but without forcing a single thing. and it is truly a fascinating experience. super humbling in so many ways.

but besides that, i am trying to fix the whole AI thing. by making a gigantic network (i have over 200 websites so far i have in the network), yes different .com what-evers , and they all have really simple names. of what they do. like easy . the name is the thing. but its got a fun neumonic on it. and you can remember it if you give two rabbit feet about what it is, or dont clear your browser history obsessively and smoke too much grass. although ironically i smoke and can remember everything LOL

this network above is called “the realized network.” it is for all human beings to freely participate in at any level of life involvement.

there are three qualifications for membership. 1 pledge to be a good human- obey the golden rule. 2 dont do anything patently ilegal 3 look for people you can help in the network with things you already know how to do. do not force your help on people , or excessively offer it- or solicit it- but do help freely without it harming any aspect of your time or life schedule and without expectation of any kind of return for your good deed. the return is being invested directly into the system.

i am designing the entire process of the realized network with quantum mechanics which is just a dumb ass fake science word for “a machine that respects, understands, and only operates on mother natures principles.” like that fuckin baloo song from a jungle book “ive got the baaare necssities, mother natures recipes.. dun dun dun dun dun daah dun dun n dunnnn”   nature and eachother is all we need.

respect and all these human concepts are things nature does automatically. at a certain point we wont have to learn much, and we will live in a beautiful utopia.

one where we get along with the idea of having a govt, and the govt isnt trying to control everyone, (trust me it will work without anyone being pissed) and when i say trust me i mean dont bet on it and get angry if your time expectation is off, i mean it will work, i am giving this 40-50 years of solid work, and tinkering and input on my end and we will see what happens.  

(cross posted to the mytribes project blog – and yeah! the social network is the root core of the tree. its where i am placing the proto nucleus of the concept, and trying to discuss it with people the most, over at mytribes, what te realized network needs, how it looks,etc- i am always open to structured input via video or voice or whatever. its for everyone, so when i ask people things it means i have a hunch they know things.  

and as it stands right now inside of mytribes there is a marketplace, with a stripe payment processor connection thing- so if you have a online store, or want to, you can run one on mytribes, using postings, or i also do web design and if the idea is cool enough i will do it for free, because it is worthy of how much it helps people to get it out the door right away, and then we can work together on using it as a tool to generate awareness for the realized network without being a fucking moron about it like traditional marketing dum dums go. remember we are not trying to make money, so this is never going to look tacky. we are trying to help the world evolve. not to help the world avoid cataclysim. that is far too shallow visioned.

anyway, this was long, but if you dont want to read it, it will probably oh yeah i learned about the 8,000 character limit earlier. so let me just post this entire thing over at

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

well, obviously i will have to address this properly later, but right now there are enchiladas waiting for me. round deux, family platter. from earlier. so much yum. #cheese.

also, here is my last official “work” announcement of the day.

it's about human conduct, and i honestly and factually have absolutely —zero— idea how this will play out, but it will be interesting, and I am sure it will teach me a lot. Hopefully not just me.


Here are my brief thoughts before I noticed it was time to eat by the clock.



photo from: try not to drool, this is ridiculous food blog level goodness.


so if a post is troubling, and problematic, don't just post it. it creates un-necessary pain and suffering for people. instead, post it, and then write about it, but instead- focus on what you'd rather see. this site is meant to be transformational.

We don't need people adding to the psychic load of feeling bad about a thing- that doesn't ever solve the problem, but if you're at that stage of grief or reconciliation with reality, then it is not your time to contribute- just stay as a member, you are welcome- and contribute if you ever feel drawn or called to.

There is space here at for everyone, as long as they are respectful towards eachother, and do not disobey the golden rule. If you do, you'll be warned , and eventually find yourself with a suspended account, and assigned reading in the site wiki- based on the natural law you violated repeatedly- so you can empower yourself with perspective.

This is not something I hope to have to do, but it will happen eventually, and I don't know how it will go, but it won't be ridiculously hard, and it will be designed not as punishment, but as teaching- because when a friend messes up , and the one friend pulls them aside and gives them a helpful pointer, this is the same kind of idea, and i really welcome and encourage your feedback of how to emulate this in a useful and constructive manner, without making it feel un-necessary or not use-ful.

Even if you can help someone make one little change sometimes it is the beginning of the thing that catalyzes their curiosity to empower the rest of their lives. You never know... You really don't, so you have to be open to trying- but you also really need to be respectful. I keep learning that, in different ways, and it's fascinating.

Because being respectful, is at the fore-front of my mind, however at times-

Eh- like I said, I mean to be, but nobody is perfect , we are all arriving, somewhere, while standing in place, but -eh ! now it is dinner time.

The enchiladas call my name softly, I can hear them asking for more habanero hot sauce from the “WhirlPool.” It will be a good time. A movie will be served, and there will be a cookie for desert.

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

(Personal Update,Video,Discussion,Product,Post/Article,Photo,Album,Ad)

  • After you write your post, find immediately following the area where you type, icons for adding a “link:” (this is for youtube videos, articles, websites, etc), the camera icon, or the video icon.

Then under that the magic setting:

“Visibility.” from this drop down menu, you can change a lot of things, privacy of a post, before you post it, or the group it goes to, or even an individual person, or a group of persons... it's a pretty interesting and cool feature.

That way if you are say, like leaving the site- and had something you ran into while closing browser tabs, to share to a group you are a member of on, you can just quick pop off an article that's related to the group, of course hopefully it has meaning to you, but yes- and then without having to click “tribes” and then the tribe name, you can just post that article to your group, without even being ** in ** the group.

How's that for cool?

Here is what that looks like. Under the last visible section, there is a scrollable list of every person you are friends with in alphabetical order, without you having to do any extra work- to send the post to.

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

#functional-systems #software-as-a-tool #level-up-humanity

exactly Renée Hope. social software is a tool, just like regular software. the centrism towards capitolism has skewed humanity's understanding of what computers can do as not extensions of us in a creepy high tech sense, but in a practical every day way- computers can help us work together more efficiently, find new people to become friends with, find a book or article about a health thing, or any number of fascinating uses.

i have studied functional systems and been an observer, my whole life, and meta physician for the last two decades. within the last year alone, i realized what i was working on my whole life, and recently began writing about it.

the project is essentially to do the above: redefine the entire perceptive framework of computing and software/internet and self-station in relationship to not only self-growth and augmentation, but a fruitful technology relationship being realized at every level of human interaction and need.

the only way to make this work is to design it around capitolism, not in competetition with it, and be explicitly clear it is not anti govt, anti extant infrastructure, and so on- but rather designed to assist that- and provide utility in aiding all the humans that slip through the cracks, or otherwise need to improve some area of their lives that is not addressed by any social or cultural wellfare established institution or modicum of normalcy in a particular region or cultural demographic population...

i um, i am writing about this, i have started a fully functional social network to begin to initiate people into the idea that their lives do in fact have value, and in fact they are in control of them, and in fact they can achieve their dreams without struggle- by education, and self empowerment, team work, and cooperation,– through ancient virtues of discipline, respect, etc- this is a whole integral thing, and i can see the whole thing clearly,

i do need other people to help plug me into various things, various people, a certain thing i need coded or explained by somoene who's done it so i can finish my derivative spin off adaptation of the module in the network -etc

i am calling this whole thing the realized network. “the realized network: real eyes, real minds, real emotions, real actions, realized.” or something along those lines.   but the domains have been purchased . if you're interested in joining that would be the easiest way to keep up with the project aside from subscribing by email to I am also sticking things in about 20 different blogs and writing demographically targeted writings the entire duration of the project until i can cross link them with knowledge, and unify that effort a bit, but this is part of the back engineering- the un learning- that cultural genera mashing, the linking together of social demographics that previously percieved eachother as disparate or enemies, etc-

there is a lot going on here.. and i am not stopping. :–)

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

I came about that there were not enough rooms in the github field for this bio, so I put it here:

Currently querying talent for the realized network-( a natural language meta modular internet topology unifying complex human problems, network topology with natural systems processes, thus reducing entropy and making our world more live-able, reducing stress on existing infrastructure, reducing environmental waste and consumption, and making you happier in lots of ways, establishing real adult friends outside of work, in your community, developing a passion or taking a course on, or some other such aspect- In many ways this is a giantic social club, with the only rule being that you follow the golden rule, and that you are not attempting to do something patently illegal. the good news is, if you are a person that thinks too much, most things that are patently illegal harm someone in the process, or harm their efforts (like say they invested a lot of time developing a software or a music album and you used 2 songs off of it in your song but didnt credit them and made it big. well what if people only liked your song because of their art? you owe them money or something, its not following the laws of the universe otherwise, for you to benefit from their effort without giving to them. this is common sense.


so, the realized network has new functional systems designed that will allow new modalities of sharing amongst and between content creators, and the web in general- and anyone who wants to use those contents on their own page. it will make it easy.

we are developing our own series of liscenses and giving them to the web as a gift- for the future, for the reduction of entropy by unifying the common core tenents of internet architecture, OSI, and other web standards, as well as the laws of physics, electronics, the universe, mathematics, and the other applicable categories of discipline -

we are putting it all together with what parts are useful from where, and making new things that enable people to without fail execute new forms of agreements between one another, and additionally, this project is being designed to inter-operate and compliment areas in the commerce based economic extant infrastructure and global systems.. without posing any threat of lost revenue, or any other such thing. It is designed to work with it, not against it. This is critically important to hi-light as an element that will remain true through the entire project- as a founding ideological cornerstone of the project itself.

data integrity.

more to come, there is a lot to this simple concept, that must change to make it work.

#mytribes #realizenetwork #therealizenetwork #codeforhumanity #humanityconnectdotorg #humanityconnectdotme

github doctorbeans

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

The tribes (aka groups) have looked a little weird.

It's been fixed now, and I dare say it even works.

Come try it.

Join in 2 minutes and just a few steps, or log in and look for tribes along the top. It has an icon of a village crafted dwelling, or sticks, or camp fire depending on how you wish to remember it.

If you want to add your own tribe, you can create one easily by first clicking your user picture, then the (+) and finally selecting “Tribe.”

This will get you to the 'tribal creation console' Or, in simple terms- Have your profile cover, group photo, and what the group is called...kind of ready – at least the first three.

Then make it so.

Hint, I would suggest creating one after something you are passionate about, not necessarily something you are good at.

You can do the other one later, but I would urge you to try the first idea here because it will begin to catalyze a new sense of personal growth and perspective, and such – for you. :–)

Come. Have Fun. Make Stuff. Speak Things. Make Friends. Do New Things and Learn Stuff. Practice and Grow, Gain Knowledge, Go Slow.

This isn't a place you need to be loud, every post is seen- there is no algorithm to bury your thoughts here at

You are only limited by the golden rule, and what you can imagine, and how much time you have, and who you can convince to help you, if it's a group thing, but ideally you are daring enough to take the first step, start a group, and then start talking about what that thing means to you, and perhaps even daring enough to share some thoughts or opinions about it, and or maybe even daring and creative enough to write about it or post a few times a week about the thing, and moderate the group. :)

Create New Value, Give it Away, Charge for it, Teach a class, Take a class (so far we need a teacher to offer one!) but we are set up for that. Trade in [ions] on site with other members, (we have our own representative currency on site) Or justly come follow a passion of yours and make a tribe at -

Which you are supposed to see as your tribe, the whole site is to be considered a village, or more accurately- a living eco-system.

We have been doing social networking wrong. But it's not our fault, because it was handed to us- and it looked good at first.

But now that we have seen things like our private conversations on text-based-messenger-communicator-whatever type apps, things we said at dinner showing up later in our news feed, that kind of thing, and all of it really – it sucks. Websites, and software- being sold all the time, constantly, and without much announcement ..

  • Other than you agreeing to the terms of service, or having read some hare-brained but well meaning conspiro-babble somewhere someone wrote out of fear and good intentions, and a few details about some scary project somewhere, it's all kind of remiss in the glitz and gloss and Las Vegas Type Speed-of-the-Thing. f——b——– is like a customized psychological reality generating slot machine, tailored just for you, based on your own inputs. The degree to which it can potentially piss you off, make you laugh, or subvert you without you having any idea it's happening- is very very high. The house typically wins.

I'm only able to present this article to you because I have spent my entire life tirelessly hacking away at my mind and expanding it, and by all accounts- it is not very large. I cannot claim to know that many things. But my mind is agile. and that is far more important than how much you know, or how many books you have read and have on your shelf, or what podcasts you have downloaded.

The podcasts and all that, all that stuff is fu&& fantastic and are tremendous ways to learn things, everything i just mentioned there.

i am currently high as hell on the combination of a banana, red tart cherries, and properly made al dente pasta, washed down by some Colombian pink bourbon coffee (it's a coffee cultivar, not alcohol; I'm sober. Jun-31-2018)– but goddamn. food neuro-chemistry is fascinating, and various combinations.. yeah- I'll have to see what phyto-chemical interactions there are between the cherries and coffee, but perhaps there is something in the wheat, sauce, and so on that see where this is going :) People are no different, we are as complicated as mixing spices in food.

Sorry my apologies to the religious for using gd* as an expression of measured surprise and astonishment.

The brain chemistry whatever the hell happened with this combination is pretty incredible, I feel as though I need to go sit in the corner now and meditate..

[getting back to the post about mytribes, and realizing that engineers tangent, and we are focused when we work, otherwise nothing we did would work, but sustaining that level of focus into explaining complicated as hell things to people with no working understanding of what we are actually doing- is hard, so please excuse me i am no better than you but i am very tired now. LOL I will return.

I was talking about being human, before I got side-tracked by bananas.

This post, because I totally got side tracked being human eating, and not being focused on this as much in the moment of hunger, – this being me semblancing and presenting my life experience as a functional presentation for others growth in new collaborative project avenues- yeah

being a meta human teacher person here talking about my project so you trust it enough to join and benefit from using it, which is the entire point- for you to enrich your life with this- because it does things for you that facebook cant never touch-

its hard to get people to trust a thing when they don't already know it, even if you're trying to deliver the same experience they want in their hearts, because we have all been screwed so much by capitolisms short deliveries of broken or half promises. im aware, equally wary, but more optimistic perhaps or just doing something about it, so here we all are reading. Thank you for being human and curious about wanting to help other humans enjoy being human more.

For all these words, I am a very simple guy. I just want everyone to truly enjoy their lives, and have some sense of consistent ability to form and create most of their operant reality.

We have to work together, and stop pretending the govt is our parents, and just work together not against anything specifically, – but just work together as adults, towards our common goals.

The veil has lifted and I think we now are entering a new era of understanding- together as a global population- The wizard pulled back the curtain far enough, that I feel most people now understand they really are responsible for their own vitality, security, and station in life. We can hope, and attempt to proceed- what else are we to do but try?

psychologically it is clean and distraction free, without algorithms to fuck around with your emotions, and your ordering of your posts, and the very cadence of which you get the notifications, and that which your friends can see of your posts, and which they cant, and by the way

there's a difference between can see it and didn't see it in the feed because the algorithm did not put that post in the feed, because it thought it was un important. and you did, otherwise you wouldn't have written it....

so this is another reason i made mytribes. because i write a lot of things on facebook intending to teach things or share things or empower others or connect groups together- only to have my links get banned, removed, reported, violating community standards, and any number of foolish horse shit, and all i am trying to do is share links with people. they're usually to a website that talks about something scientific, spiritual, or practical, or cooking. so that therein, this is a problem for facebook, at the volume that which i do it, and 99 % of it is totally fucking buried, you can see why i dont like as they say sticking my finger in the light socket repeatedly. my effort is far better spent, (and i am arguing yours as well) don't think the algorithm favors you, or that you are smarter than it- you're not. I promise. You are not. It doesn't work that way, it's not apples to oranges toots- it's knowing how to make every car on the freeway crash into the car three cars ahead in sequence, versus “i think this because the meme just said so and i feel its right, or i read an article.”

i promise, you will never be smarter than the algorithm. but here's why- it takes a SINGLE aspect of human thought, and then does it a bazillion times. which is, actually very fucking impressive. but- its nothing your brain is ever supposed to be able to do, ever = but yet it is mystifying, and so the brain wonders- am i supposed to be able to do this? what is going on here? and this is all in the subconscious, by the way.

anywho the bananna just wore off, and i found myself in the corner, wearing a tutu and JUST KIDDING. The banana did wear off, but I also made a meme for you while all this was happening.

(Yes I am aware this post is complex, I'm also aware I didn't tell you there was a time limit to finishing it, or that you even had to read any of this. :–)

If you're having fun- you don't need my invitation to continue.

Everyone is for better or worse,—- At all times, doing their best—– but at the level somewhere between a real bad day, and their best known capacity to express love, care, concern, patience, or any other basic human applicable character trait desirable in the situation at hand.

But big time social sites sell your information, and by your information ... (did you forget?)

But big time social sites sell your information, and by your information – I mean everything you type into the website, or the app you log into the service with. Yes, I mean that sincerely. I am also not joking in any way, and I hope that telling you this in plain English is helpful.

At we don't do that, because frankly- it's wrong. It's a very lazy way to attempt to make money.

It is parasitism, plain and simple- and the big frank block on the book is literally the worlds most calculated and accurate intellectual and psychological parasitism experience ever created.. > or thus far known to man short of perhaps, something more visceral and immediate- like attending the Roman Colosseum.

Social networking is not about:

Being pretty, or being a whore, or being a really aggressive idiot man on messenger who ignores all social cues and visual cues, and common sense, as he messages women inappropriately all day. Don't be that guy. You would be FUCKING SHOCKED, at how many men do this online, all day.

You sir, have un managed psychological issues, and this is totally okay. The good news is you have the power to heal yourself. Even if you are at the point where you can't feel your back, your feet, or anything else unless you're actually moving around. Trust, that you are never alone in a human experience, someone else has been there too, and survived it, and become that better person – just like you are secretly hoping in your heart that you can be courageous enough and clever enough to become.

The good news is you can. Here are your first three steps. Well four. 1 Don't shoot the messenger. I am just talking about life, and I didn't mention your name here. Read again, check! If you feel guilty, you definitely need to take these next three things to heart. 1) You need to be honest with yourself, and figure out WHY you are a) doing this b) not getting much success c) routinely being blocked, hint- it does not mean no, it means you're an asshole but the good news, is you can learn- and then not do that anymore. All it takes is recognizing the behavior, and a simple choice.

All it takes is recognizing the behavior, and a simple choice.

(So much of life is just about this one thing here.)

The will-power to carry that behavior modification through , is all up to you!

And let me be true, in saying to you that it is only hard if you expect it to be-,

and you will become an expert at the speed you are willing to spend time focusing on playing with the thing, being a happy person while you're messing about with it, and generally- again being balanced.

You can't work on something every time until your eyes cross, you have to insert balance into things.

It is also not fast fast fat flash lash and pizazz, who can say the coolest stuff, write the smartest article, give out the most likes or loves, or who is the best debater, who is the best troll, or even who is the most useful person to talk to in a crisis.

Oh, and I'm re-designing that crazy little blue double arrow thing that scrolls upward, because it needs to be snazzier. Have fun!

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

looking for new people to discuss things with in earnest, slowly, and enjoyably- without worrying about people trying to be the loudest idiot on the block and actually just like posting something and waiting for someone to respond to it?

well here that would work, because people get to see all your posts in chronological order, without any influence of algorithms from software or pesky human engineers muddling around with the order of your posts or what shows and doesnt.

We just ask that you follow the golden rule, “do unto others as you would wish to be done unto your own self.” and that you don't do anything patently illegal, like try to use the site for selling drugs.

Otherwise, just come have a non advertisement non algorithmic good time and make some friends. Find the “User Directory” and send some friend requests! People are logging in more often now, and the momentum is beginning to get started under-way. :)

Be a part of the early adopters, and pioneers, people who decided you know what? I'm f^%((^&^&! done with this kind of casserole and I am curious enough and better than this-


Thanks Wikipedia. This is Euclid's Theorem, expressed as a computer algorithm- well really just a flow chart, but you could apply code to this. But yes, Euclid as in math, as in the guy who lived in 300BC .. But! you can algorithm anything.


Let's try something else. it only takes 2 minutes to sign up . **How many other things have you doubted yourself on just today and passed up that would have taken two minutes to start? You see my point?

Here is a chance to take and start something that takes less than that, but if you type slow, and don't know where your photo of yourself is, or what your birthday is, it may take you more than 2 minutes, but not by long.

Why is it mandatory to fill out your profile? Well, I am actually going to write a real clear and nice simple article about this soon- but for now we have this loose idea, and I will remove this section from this article when we get there.

[this is your pilot, typing while tired.] i will likely alter this before 12 hours time dramatically, or table it after the next sleep. ]

By the way, people ask occasionally why it is mandatory to fill out a photo, and a birthday, and do this kind of thing, and put a location on the map.

The real reason is , nobody will use a new site- if the profiles are not filled out. Two reasons- you have no emotional attachment of value to the site, it was too easy to join and you dont see what it can do for you. Reason 2- it is weird as hell to use a site where peoples profile photo is a little grey or blue oval. Fuck that. Sorry for swearing, but that would weird anyone out. It's the equivalent of going over to a random house in your neighborhood, at 8pm, hungry, and giving a few gentle knocks expecting dinner and good cheer.

How emotionally, in such a weird world- are you supposed to become friends with an off grey-blue oval?

About that map though, (you can pick anywhere if you're into full anonymity) -

I have fun with it and move my pin around. But the feature exists because a lot of people like and can use it.

Fancy pretending you're in Antarctica? No problem, Dude.

Oh, you are actually IN Antarctica? No problem, Dude. I'm Impressed.

Just drop the pin somewhere, please.
Not because it's evil.

But because detail is a very initial necessity for people to begin to come out of their shells, and to bring their friends to a new community space, and to feel safe.

and because at mytribes, it's there- and it's available- does not mean that location services are evil.

It is just a map, that uses really simple things, to let the internet know where you are.

It already knows this already, the map is not a magician- its just a little code that is pulling this information from your computer already, > who is already offering it to the entire world on demand..

See- computers are really weird.
But don't stop using them as tools.

And the whole concept of privacy online is very weird too, and when you get down to it- nothing is private.

But, mytribes is about as private as you could get without having to mail each of you a weird thing that has numbers flashing in it from RSA..

Therein you have to type the numbers into your laptop before it will even turn on, kind of thing. That was a fun job. You can't get the numbers wrong and just type anything, or use an old number- the number changes.. all the time. It's synced to chips and keys in a few different places... Cool tech really.

That kind of stuff is private. The internet, is not.

Go sign up, and open a new door for yourself tonight/today/this morning/when-you-read-this.

By the way in fundamental psychological terms, the reason people turned into what appeared to be megalomaniacs on facebook, and make so much noise, is the algorithm pushes them down, and they notice. There is no “outside” the class room though, so the students just cause melee. But in this case, it is fully in appropriate to get people addicted to using a website that selectively controls who can or cannot see their post, and NOT EVEN at a regular interval of predictability. Sometimes F* shows my posts, sometimes it really does not.

Or also typically you see this in “high voltage” low value brands, that are primarily just selling you an idea, and a person attempting to make markup over volume. Not creative. But entirely too common, and entirely UN-sensational.

But this behavior stems at the root from : – not feeling heard or seen, or having the ability to articulate it. – the resentment towards ones involvement in a website once they realize it is hiding their shares from people, and they continue to use it.

But, over at it is all chronological, there is NO ALGORITHM mucking around with your page, or anyone elses.

We are not interested in doing anything other than showing you what you “follow” and who you “add” as a friend and what they post. You can follow people that don't friend you, but as a default way to think about it- if someone is interesting, and you don't know them- FOLLOW THEM. Write a comment that is thoughtful the first time you have time to sit down and respond thoughtfully, as if you had been discussing this very topic with them at a cafe, and you already knew them. Write your response, read it back to yourself, edit any errors, and then push send. You will be shocked at the quality of engagement and discussion that follows if you have never done this.

and the good news is, on, you will actually see the notification – because a computer will not decide that having you see that post, and the response, interferes with you seeing a certain advertisement at a certain time, or some weird security check,.

By the way, I was just buying a domain for a photography website for myself and I have to tell you something- Facebook advertises me this camera! Well, okay that is not ground breaking, but this won't happen on

On when you send a friend request, and they add you back- you are automatically following both of each-other. If you want to remain friends but not get blasted, then un-follow them, or just scroll a little faster, or be honest with yourself and see if perhaps there is value for you in that relationship – then don't avoid that person, just let the whole thing sit- you don't need to act- and odds are you like the person right? They just talk a bit much? Or its not your interest but you respect them otherwise? There are so many creative and simple ways to deal with the flow of information, a lot more than “block, ban, unfriend friend, etc” Okay I'm done, thats it for this am.

Oh and the timeline now scrolls indefinitely if you keep scrolling at the bottom on the main page. And it always goes in chronological order, newest to oldest.

Also, sometimes the internet has problems that people blame on websites, or on AI, but it is usually just the internet, and give it some time, try it again, or hit the reload button. If you had any idea how complicated the internet was, you'd probably gasp in shock every time you touched it hoping not to break it, but ... This is why it's so complicated- the sense of caution you have is a symptom you have awareness of its power as a possible tool.

Just... enjoy what you do today okay? I have to go do some other things now. :)

~ ! Omar , mytribes webmaster (aka herder of dinosaurs, roaster of coffee, disciple of cats, temporary teacher , and tamer of alligators and stuff.)

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